The New York City
American Heart Association
Open Innovation Challenge

Health sciences

Welcome to the New York City American Heart Association Open Innovation Challenge

We are seeking the most innovative consumer technological solutions for cardiovascular disease prevention or cardiovascular health promotion.

Please fill out the following information so our expert panel of judges can consider your project. The top ten applicants will be selected to go live in a New York City American Heart Association Showcase on, where hundreds of thousands of healthcare folks can read about your project, watch your video, and back your project. You keep the funds you raise, and the top three teams will be invited to New York City to present in front of the American Heart Association's Health Sciences Innovation · Investment Forum on April 25th, 2015 and have a chance to win grants totaling up to $25,000! What's more, hundreds of thousands of people in healthcare will visit the site and may watch your pitch. Great things happen to the winners of our challenges!

So are you ready? Let’s Get Started!

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Name Your Project. (Keep it short, sweet, and easy to tweet - 100 Character limit)
Please describe your project in one sentence. Be interesting, exciting, and catchy.
In healthcare there are many stakeholders including doctors, hospitals, payers, partners, and of course the patient. What we want to know here is in your business model, who are you expecting to pay for your solution?
Please tell us about the specific problem that you are trying to solve. Be concise while conveying as much information as possible. We suggest you cite health statistics specific to the population you are addressing or explain why the current solutions are not good enough. Please use 200 words or less.
How will your idea solve the problem? Make your idea standout from the pack and convince us that your use of information technology offers a unique, new approach. Be as specific and creative as you can be in 200 words or less.
How far along are you in the process of solving this challenge? Do you have a prototype, beta testers, first customers, partners? How has the community responded to your project and approach? How much traction have you gotten already? Please include a relevant image and description below in 200 words or less.
Our focus for this year's Challenge is the prevention or better management of Heart Disease or Stroke. Please explain how your idea will satisfy this goal in 200 words or less.
The New York City American Heart Association’s 2020 Impact Goal is to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20% while reducing deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke by 20%. How will your solution support this mission? Please explain in 200 words or less.
Open Innovation Challenge offers your team the opportunity to raise money from the public when they donate to their favorite projects, as well as in the overall challenge. Explain how you would use the funding on your project in 200 words or less.
A great video is the best way to explain your project. Just paste in the url for your youtube or vimeo video below. If you don't have one already just get out your webcam and make one. We have lots of suggestions in our MedStartr School. Try to keep it short and to the point — under five minutes is recommended.
I do hereby accept the terms and conditions of the American Heart Association Open Innovation Challenge.